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You and Your Children Will Love Olivia Ocelot.

Adventurous, funny, exciting, educational, and filled with Nature’s wonders, my first children's book, “Olivia Ocelot Comes to the Rescue” captures the enchantment of the Rainforest, and the tropical beauty of Costa Rica. Olivia Ocelot’s adventures emphasize the power of community, and her story celebrates the friendships between some very fascinating and unique animals. 



Who Is Anne Jantz?

     A  Storyteller, An Artist, a Computer Geek

       I've been an artist all my life, and I also love computers. Recently I launched off into a new venture, and I am so geeked by it. I just finished my first children's book, and I used both traditional painting and Corel Draw software to create it. It is available now in paperback form on  in a hand autographed and individually personalized edition.

     I am a creative, a world traveler, and a xenophile, passionate about learning new things, and also about sharing these things with others. I am also a maker and a member at Techshop.  I make a living doing 3D CAD Design for architects, and I'm learning how to model my animal characters with 3D Printing.