Anne Jantz Designs


        Hello, I'm Anne Crary Jantz. I've been an artist all my life. I work in acrylic and oil paints, colored pencils, and pen and ink. I create most of my illustrations in traditional art first, and then I scan it into my computer. After scanning it in, I use CorelDraw digital software to finish my art. I also design fabric and wrapping paper on spoonflower.com. I write children’s books because I love children, animals, flowers, and bright, joyful colors. My books and coloring books are available on etsy.com and on Amazon. I also design items my daughter, Katy calls swag using the wonderful fabrics from Spoonflower.com. These pillows, backpacks, handbags, and other items are all available on my Etsy store.

     I have a B.F.A. in painting and sculpture and a Master's Degree in Art Education/Art Therapy, both from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. I've lived in 7 states and 7 countries with my soul-mate husband, Bill. We live in Dearborn Heights, Michigan now. We have two grown children, both married with children of their own.  Our 5 grandchildren help plan the books.

     My husband, Bill and I have traveled through many countries and many miles together. I will be chronicling our journey on this website. I call our story "Riding on the Back of the Mouse" due to the fact that our journey has been financed by our work as CAD (Computer Assisted Designers).