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                 DOROTTYA NAGY'S thesis - Front cover & back cover

                   BOOKMARK for DOROTTYA NAGY'S thesis


           I wove this map of the world after we returned from overseas. I learned to weave in Gothenberg, Sweden while Bill worked at Volvo. Later I studied tapestry weaving in Belgium and then Melbourne, Australia. I wove this map on the 60" floor loom that I ordered from Glimakra, Sweden while we were living there. The tapestry is 10 feet long and 54" wide. It was on my loom for two years, and it is the largest weaving I've ever done.

      Later, I got a very pleasant surprise from The University of Utrecht in The Netherlands. A graduate student there, Dorottya Nagy found my World Map on my website, and she asked for permission to use it on the cover of her thesis.  I was thrilled, and of course I agreed. I sent her digital photos of the front and back of the tapestry.

        I got a copy of her thesis in the mail - it is very well done. Dorottya believes, as do I that migration by people on our Earth creates a human tapestry, a weaving of community created by their movements around the planet. The thesis is entitled "Migration and Theology", and it is specifically about Chinese people. She even learned to speak Mandarin in order to do the research for the thesis. Dorottya used a portion of the front of the tapestry for the front cover, and being very clever, a portion of the back of the tapestry for the back cover.  She also created a beautiful bookmark using the full width of the tapestry. She gave me credit for the tapestry on the bookmark and inside the book.

         I am very pleased to be published! It is very fitting to have my weaving work published in The Netherlands, since I studied tapestry weaving next door in Belgium, and I bought one of my looms in The Netherlands not very far away from Utrecht.