(1995-2016 Formerly)      LOS GALANES RESTAURANT

Southwest Detroit

This is a mural proposal for a mural celebrating Detroit's Garden Potential. It represents many of the crops Detroit and Michigan excel at. It has not been painted full size....Yet.

Anne painted this mural for a private home in the Historic District in Windsor, Ontario, Canada using the family's photos from their favorite trip to Europe. The shutters are painted along with the landscape.



Anne Jantz Designs

Anne painted this mural for a home in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Bio-Diversity Is Our Strength:
Detroit as a Garden City

Mediterranean View

This was our first Mural. It celebrates the fantastic ethnic diversity of Detroit.  Anne Jantz and Sharon O'hara-Bruce coordinated the project with over 70 participants. Anne painted the Dutch woman, the Arab man, and the Chinese girl third from the right. Bill Jantz did the lettering for the title, and he painted the Ambassador Bridge. Their children also painted; Matthew Jantz painted the German man, Katy Jantz Kott painted the Scottish woman. The mural was 50 feet wide and 35 feet high. It was voted one of the best things about Detroit by Hour Magazine. It was completed in 1995 and remained on the wall for over 20 years.